Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pad Gil Galada ~ Kvenija

Gil-Galad was an Elven-king.
Of him the harpers sadly sing:
The last whose realm was fair and free
Between the Mountains and the Sea.

His sword was long, his lance was keen,
His shining helm afar was seen;
The countless stars of heaven's field
Were mirrored in his silver shield.

But long ago he rode away,
And where he dwelleth none can say;
For into darkness fell his star
In Mordor where the shadows are.

Ingaran Eldaron Artanáro.
Nandari lirir nainala seo:
Métim' ardarya vanya, latin né
Imbe i Oronti ar Eare.

Hyandorya anda, ehterya maica,
Sílala carmarya haiya cenna;
Menelo eleni únótime
Nalle ner telpina turmaryasse.

Mal andave yá erye oante,
Masse maris úquen ista quete;
An lantan' élerya mornie mir
Morinoresse ya lómi caitar.